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National Conference - 24-26 April 2015 Hope in a World of Suffering - more details
National Conference - 24-26 April 2015
Hope in a World of Suffering - more details
Developing Health 2015 - details and booking 21 June - 3 July, Oak Hill College, London
Developing Health 2015 - details and booking
21 June - 3 July, Oak Hill College, London
Introducing - The Human Journey Thinking biblically about health
Introducing - The Human Journey
Thinking biblically about health
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Facing serious illness
Guidance for Christians towards the end of life
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CMF Junior Doctors' Retreat
22-24 May 2015
Moyallon Centre, Portadown, Northern Ireland
Delighting in the Trinity
Audio from the 2015 Student Conference.
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Should Assisted Suicide be legalised? Dr Peter Saunders


Grand Round lecture, Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, Luton UK. Delivered on March 10 2015.

Duration: 46 mins

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The Human JourneyThe Doctor's Life of FaithFacing Serious IllnessFacing InfertilityThe Electives HandbookShort-Term Medical WorkFoundations - a survival guide for junior doctors

March 2015

Parish Nursing Symposium

When: 25-27 March
Where: Northampton
For: Parish Nurses, healthcare professionals, people from their supporting groups, church leadership teams and anyone interested in starting a parish nurse project.
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April 2015

National Conference

this event is run by CMF
When: 24-26 April 2015
Where: Yarnfield Park, Stone, Staffordshire
For: doctors, juniors, nurses, students, allied health professionals
Book online: Online booking available for this event.
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CMF Paediatric Breakfast

this event is run by CMF
When: Wednesday 29 April 2015
Where: The ICC, Birmingham
For: doctors, juniors
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May 2015

Junior Doctors' Retreat

this event is run by CMF
When: 22-24 May 2015
Where: Moyallon Centre, Portadown, Northern Ireland
For: doctors, juniors, students
Book online: Online booking available for this event.
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June 2015

Saline Solution Poole

this event is run by CMF
When: Saturday 6 June 2015
Where: St Mary's Longfleet Church Centre, Poole
For: doctors, juniors, students, nurses, allied health professionals
Book online: Online booking available for this event.
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Developing Health Course

this event is run by CMF
When: 21 June - 3 July 2015
Where: Oak Hill College, Chase Side, Southgate, London, N14 4PS
For: Doctors, Nurses, Allied Professions, Students
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Mission Fair

this event is run by CMF
When: 24 June 2015
Where: Oak Hill College, Chaseside, Southgate, London N14 4PS
For: Doctors, Nurses, Allied Professions, Students
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November 2015

National Junior Doctors' Conference

this event is run by CMF
When: 13-15 November 2015
Where: Hothorpe Hall, Leicestershire
For: juniors
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27th March 2015: Photophobia

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. John 3:19-20 (NIV)

Jesus blames unbelief on moral defection. As cockroaches scurry for darkness when a light is turned on, men reject Christ because they do not want their lifestyle exposed for what it really is. Too often we're like the smoker who explains `I read so much about how cigarette smoking leads to cancer, I gave up reading'.

Are there other reasons for unbelief? Perhaps there are. Sometimes the light doesn't shine brightly. What a person learns about Christ may have been taught in the context of other beliefs that are now rejected as absurd. The mind may not be willing to sort through these false beliefs to keep the true God. We toss out the gift with the wrapping paper. At other times a student may be ambushed by philosophers who start without God, reasoning him out of existence. When the student cannot answer the arguments, he may give up God. Francis Bacon understood the danger when he wrote: `A little philosophy inclineth a man's mind to atheism'.Granted that many factors contribute to unbelief, what about Jesus' assertion that our unbelief springs from a moral root? That takes some honest self-examination. John Calvin pointed out that our thought processes, even when we believe we are being objective, are controlled by our desires. Freud added a second to this and went on to describe the process. Evidently we repress our less rational evil desires and confine them to the cellars of our minds so that they may escape scrutiny. In that way our house may seem to be in order and our thinking has the appearance of straightforwardness. We are convinced and try to convince others that our conclusions have been arrived at without determined bias.

Jesus declares, however, that the mind reasons from reasons it does not reason with. Unbelief may not be rational at all. Part of the reason that men and women do not find God, he says, is that they do not want to find him, any more than a thief wants to find a policeman. One basic reason that we do not hear Christ speak is that he may be saying things we do not wish to hear. Or, in our selfishness and sin, we may fashion a concept of God with which we are comfortable; and if we discover that God is not there, we may choose to believe that no God exists at all.

A student listened to the claims of Christ and seemed deeply impressed, but he would not respond to faith. When pressed about his refusal, he shrugged: `Look, I can give you a bunch of reasons that sound good, but the fact is Jesus would upset my sex life'. While Christ might have wept at his choice, he would have commended the integrity of his answer. We often do not believe because we do not want to believe.

Lord, help us to be honest in what we think, in what
we believe and in what we say we believe.

Further reading: Jn 3:16-21, 8:12.


press releases and submissions

Charities unite to express concern about distorted abortion debate (24/10/2013)

The Christian Medical Fellowship, CARE in Northern Ireland and the Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland have briefed Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) this week that they are deeply concerned by the possibility of a knee-jerk legislative response based on a misunderstanding of anencephaly, abortion and Northern Ireland's abortion law....
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Failure of CPS to prosecute effectively legalises sex selection abortion in Britain, says CMF (5/9/2013)

The Christian Medical Fellowship has said that the failure of the Crown Prosecution Service to take action in recent cases of sex selection abortions and pre-signing of abortion forms raises serious questions about its role in upholding the law. The CPS has this week opted to take no further action in regard to two named doctors who sought to...
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Government Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill – Prevent Duty Guidance - 30/1/2015

We affirm the importance of free speech on campus, and recognise the potential risk of misuse of higher education institutions as platforms for drawing people into terrorism. However we are concerned that the guidance as currently drafted would have a chilling effect on free speech and freedom of association, wholly disproportionate to its impact...

Department of Justice, Northern Ireland - consultation on amending the criminal law on abortion - 16/1/2015

The Northern Ireland Department of Justice seeks a change in the law that would permit abortion in cases where the unborn baby has a 'lethal fetal abnormality'. Further, the Department is also considering doing so in relation to cases of rape and incest. Finally, they are considering if there should be a right to conscientious objection for those...

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vacancies at CMF

Administrative Assistant

Following an internal promotion, Christian Medical Fellowship is seeking a part-time Administrative Assistant to work in the Central Services group. This is an opportunity to be part of a busy team whose members work in accounting, database management and information technology. This role supports the key database and accounting infrastructure of the organisation and offers the opportunity to not only use existing skills but also acquire new skills through training and experience.

Key responsibilities of this role include:

  • Making membership database changes.
  • Entering new and updating existing direct debits and standing orders in the membership database.
  • Dealing with incoming membership correspondence.
  • Producing regular outgoing correspondence with members.

This is a permanent position for three days a week at CMF's office in London.

Contact details:

For further details including a job description, application form and salary details please email or phone Gwen Gowers on 020 7234 9663.

Closing date: Midnight on Monday 6th April 2015