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London and SE conference - 8 November Fruitfulness on the frontline of healthcare - details
London and SE conference - 8 November
Fruitfulness on the frontline of healthcare - details
Freshers Welcome to CMF - details
Welcome to CMF - details
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Saline Solution - Oxford
Saturday 15 November
William Osler House, Headington
Full details and online booking
CMF Scotland Conference
Christ is coming: Anticipation and preparation
7-9 November, Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire
Full details and online booking
Vacancy - Head of Student Ministries
Providing vision and leadership for CMF's ministry amongst medical students
Vacancy details
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Lord Carey now supports assisted suicide


Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, wrote in the Daily Mail sharing his support for Lord Falconer's Assisted Dying Bill.

Listen to CMF CEO, Dr Peter Saunders, debate with Lord Falconer on BBC Radio Five Live.

Duration: 7 mins

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October 2014

National Junior Doctors' Conference

this event is run by CMF
When: 24-26 October
Where: Hothorpe Hall, Leicestershire
For: all junior doctors
More details...

Irish CMF Conference 2014

this event is run by CMF
When: 24-26 October 2014
Where: Castledaly Manor, near Athlone, Ireland
For: For students and doctors
More details...

November 2014

CMF Scotland Conference

this event is run by CMF
When: 7-9 November 2014
Where: Gartmore House, Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire
For: doctors, juniors, students, allied health professionals
Book online: Online booking available for this event.
More details...

London & SE Conference

this event is run by CMF
When: Saturday 8 November
Where: CMF HQ, London
For: doctors, juniors, nurses and AHPs
Book online: Online booking available for this event.
More details...

Saline Solution Oxford

this event is run by CMF
When: Saturday 15 November 2014
Where: William Osler House, Headington, Oxford
For: doctors, juniors, students, allied health professionals
Book online: Online booking available for this event.
More details...

February 2015

Delighting in the Trinity - Student Conference

this event is run by CMF
When: 13-15 February 2015
Where: Yarnfield Park, Stone, Staffordshire
For: Students, and student nurses
Book online: Online booking available for this event.
More details...

April 2015

CMF Paediatric Breakfast

this event is run by CMF
When: Wednesday 29 April 2015
Where: The ICC, Birmingham
For: doctors, juniors
More details...

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23rd October 2014: Sleep (3) -- Good Night

In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for thou alone, O Lord, makes me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

For the weary doctor and for the worried patient there should be some balm in the psalmist's words and in what follows:

O soft embalmer of the still midnight,
Shutting with careful fingers and benign
Our gloom-pleased eyes...
Turn the key deftly in the oiled wards,
And seal the hush'd casket of my soul.

Keats, To Sleep

The condition which it is most essential to secure is peace of mind. Almost all insomnia is mental in origin, due to some worry, remorse, ambition, or other system of emotional ideas which obsess the mind. In this connection, it is possible only to repeat the proverbial advice about not letting the sun go down upon one's wrath... If, despite our best efforts, sleep is slow in coming, the wise person does not worry. To miss a little sleep does no one any harm, provided he remains calm.

C R McRae, in his book Concerning You and Me

Sleep quietly in this quiet room,
O thou -- whoe'er thou art --
And let no mournful yesterdays
Disturb thy peaceful heart:
Not let tomorrow mar thy rest
With dreams of coming ill.
Thy Maker is thy Changeless Friend:
His love surrounds thee still.
Forget thyself and all the world,
Put out each garish light.
The stars are shining overhead --
Sleep sweetly, then. Good night!"

Watch thou, dear Lord, with those who wake, or watch or weep tonight, and give thine angels charge over those who sleep. Tend thy sick ones, O Lord Christ. Rest thy weary ones. Bless thy dying ones. Soothe thy suffering ones. Pity thine afflicted ones. Shield thy joyous ones. And all for thy love's sake.

St Augustine

Be present O merciful God, and protect us through the silent hours of this night; so that we who are wearied by the changes and chances of this fleeting world, may repose upon your eternal changelessness.


Further reading: Ps 121.


press releases and submissions

Charities unite to express concern about distorted abortion debate (24/10/2013)

The Christian Medical Fellowship, CARE in Northern Ireland and the Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland have briefed Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) this week that they are deeply concerned by the possibility of a knee-jerk legislative response based on a misunderstanding of anencephaly, abortion and Northern Ireland's abortion law....
Read Full Release...

Failure of CPS to prosecute effectively legalises sex selection abortion in Britain, says CMF (5/9/2013)

The Christian Medical Fellowship has said that the failure of the Crown Prosecution Service to take action in recent cases of sex selection abortions and pre-signing of abortion forms raises serious questions about its role in upholding the law. The CPS has this week opted to take no further action in regard to two named doctors who sought to...
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Response to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Inquiry into mitochondrial donation - 22/10/2014

The Science and Technology Committee is holding a one-off evidence session to consider the science of mitochondrial donation and to scrutinise further the scientific evidence on it. The written submission from CMF to the committee is here .

Response to the Proposed Organ and Tissue Donation (Scotland) Bill - 25/9/2014

Ms Anne McTaggart, MSP, consulted on a proposed bill on organ donation in Scotland, which would move from the current opt-in system to a soft opt-out system. This CMF submission to her consultation questions explains that the Bill is unnecessary, will cost millions, will be highly complicated to administer and is ethically problematic. Read full...

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vacancies at CMF

Head of Student Ministries

We are looking for a new Head of Student Ministries who will provide overall vision and leadership for CMF's ministry amongst medical students. The successful candidate will have a medical qualification; substantial ministry experience relevant to the United Kingdom student context and a commitment to the aims, doctrinal basis, values and culture of CMF.

Full details and an application form are available from Gwen Gowers – email or phone 02072349663.

The closing date for application is 28 November 2014.